A set of the best 6.5 inch car speakers is arguably the most important component for a car's stereo. It can also be the most difficult to choose at times. They range in price, and more importantly quality. With endless choices from manufacturers around the world, finding a pair of the best car speakers is hard. But if you want to upgrade the sound of your car’s stereo, a set of the quality car speakers is necessary. A new set of aftermarket 6 1/2 inch components will improve the quality of music in your vehicle. A great pair of component speakers will allow you to increase the volume. More volume, but also more clarity of your music while decreasing the distortion. It'll even add a little bass to your system.

Here is a list of 2017's top rated and reviewed 6 1/2 inch component car speakers to help you choose the best products for your car's stereo:

Best 6.5" Component Speakers | Top 7

Our Rank6.5" Component SpeakerSpeaker TypePower HandlingFrequency ResponsePrice
1Hertz HSK 165XL2 WayRMS: 150 Watts
Peak: 300 Watts
40 - 22k Hz$$$$
2Focal PS1652 WayRMS: 80 Watts
Peak: 160 Watts
60 - 20k Hz$$$
3JL Audio ZR650-CSI2 WayRMS: 85 Watts
Peak: 255 Watts
48 - 25k Hz$$$$
4Rockford Fosgate T2652-S2 WayRMS: 100 Watts
Peak: 200 Watts
55 - 22k Hz$$$
5Image Dynamics XS-652 WayRMS: 125 Watts
Peak: 250 Watts
55 - 25k Hz$$$
6JL Audio C5-6532 WayRMS: 75 Watts
Peak: 225 Watts
48 - 25k Hz$$$
7Polk Audio DB65022 WayRMS: 75 Watts
Peak: 300 Watts
35 - 23k Hz$$
8Kicker 40CSS6542 WayRMS: 100 Watts
Peak: 300 Watts
35 - 21k Hz$$

Component speakers are also referred to as “separates”. They have two separate speakers that emit different ranges of sounds. The woofer, or the larger speaker, emits the lower to mid range frequencies. The tweeter, the small speaker, covers the high range frequencies and noises. Separating the tweeter and woofer allows clearer sound with less distortion.

Finding, researching and purchasing car speakers that fit the needs of your vehicle is difficult. Sound preference, quality, style, features and price all vary. So what are our recommended 6 1/2 component car speakers for 2017? Our knowledge and first-hand experience with products combined with extensive research has led us to our own list of top 6.5 inch component speakers of 2017 for your car.

On a budget? We've also assembled a top rated value speakers, check out our Best Value 6.5" Component Speakers for our list of best 6.5" components that won't drain the bank. Or, if you're looking for the ultimate car speakers, take a look through our Best High End 6.5" Component Car Speakers. And before you choose a speaker for your system, consider learning about Component Car Speakers. Understand their features so that you can make an informed decision when you make your purchase.

How We Tested

In order to find the best 6 1/2 inch component car speakers on the market, m-segment.ru has combined several reviews across the industry with first-hand tests. There are many criteria that we take into consideration when rating and reviewing speakers, including:

  • Style (Looks, Design)
  • Power Ratings (Peak, RMS)
  • Price
  • Quality (Materials used, manufacturer, etc)
  • Online Reviews (From multiple vendors such as Sonic Electronix, Crutchfield, Amazon and more)

The result from our combination of sources and testing is a list of the top rated and reviewed products. m-segment.ru also provides price comparisons from vendors to try to get you the best price for your products. But in the end, the best speaker is one that meets your specific needs and is compatible with your car.

Best 6 1/2 Inch Component Car Speaker List

Editor's Rating:

5 Stars

- 2 way 6.5" component system
- Frequency Range: 40 - 22k Hz
- Power handling (RMS): 150W

Price Comparison


Hertz HSK 165XL Quick Review:

The Hertz HSK 165XL is m-segment.ru’s #1 choice for the 6.5 inch components on the market. It inherits the design, materials and performance of the MLK 165 but with a smaller price tag. The HSK 165 XL is a two-way system with the HT 28 tweeter and HV 165 XL woofer. The 165XL crossover features the same high grade materials as the woofer. It also allows you to configure the filter depending on installation location and personal taste.

Hertz is well known for quality manufactured audio equipment. The HSK 165XL is one of the reasons why that reputation is upheld. This is a 5-star Component Set. It truly raises the bar for speaker performance and for the enthusiast - an excellent choice for a speaker set.

Editor's Rating:

5 Stars

- 2 way 6.75" (fits in 6.5" openings) component system
- Frequency Range: 60 - 20k Hz
- Power handling (RMS): 160W

Price Comparison

Focal PS 165 Quick Review:

Let the music speak for itself with the Focal Performance PS 165. They’re a 6 3/4″ (oversized 6/5″) speaker that combines all the latest tech into one incredible pair of speakers. The PS 165 feaures a lightweight, rigid Polyglass cone in a sturdy frame that creates accurate, rich sound.

The PS 165's tweeters feature high grade aluminum. They allow for 3 different mounting configs for installation. And for the enthusiasts, you have 3 different crossover selections to filter the high frequencies. Focal has packed all of their best technologies into the PS 165, and its performance shows it.

Editor's Rating:

5 Stars

- 2 way 6.5" component system
- Frequency Range: 48 - 25k Hz
- Power handling (RMS): 85W

Price Comparison

JL Audio ZR650-CSI Quick Review:

JL Audio's Evolution ZR component speakers were engineered and built to perfection in Germany. The system's woofers and tweeters feature die-cast alloy baskets. They have Kurt Muller cones and suspensions and 1 inch aluminum tweeters. The ZR component tweeters are 1-inch aluminum domes with rubber-roll surrounds and produce incredible detail.

The ZR crossovers are bi-amp capable and built with premium parts. This includes U.S.-made Mills™ resistors mounted on an extruded aluminum heat sink, polypropylene capacitors, and segmented air-core inductors. The ZR crossovers feature five levels of tweeter attenuation, as well as four levels of mid-range presence. This allows for adjustment so you can customize the speakers' sound with up to 20 settings

Editor's Rating:

5 Stars

- 2 way 6.5" component system
- Frequency Range: 55 - 22k Hz
- Power handling (RMS): 100W

Rockford Fosgate T2652-S Quick Review:

Rockford Fosgate's T2652-S is a 6.5" component system built for power. They feature carbon fiber and polypropylene injection molded cones that product accurate sound. The cones are surrounded by butyl rubber surround and mounted in a billet machined aluminum casing.

The 1" tweeters is also built with high-grade aluminum and feature 3 mounting adjustments for all installs. Additionally, Rockford Fosgate's external crossovers that allow you to bi-amp the components and tweeters. This enables the speakers to deliver more power. There's no doubt about it, the T2652-S is a high-performing car speaker.

Editor's Rating:

4.9 Stars

- 2 way 6.5" component system
- Frequency Range: 55 - 25k Hz
- Power handling (RMS): 125W

Price Comparison

Image Dynamics XS-65 Quick Review:

The XS65 speakers are Image Dynamics' premier set of component speakers. Quality, detailed, performance - thats how the XS65 were engineered. They feature multi layer ceramic fiber and Rohacell composite cones with by parabolic rubber surrounds. They're housed in a fiberglass composite non-resonate frame for distortionless sound reproduction.

One of the features that set the XS65 apart is their tweeters. They feature a convenient convertible mounting system. This allows you to install them on top of the cone like a coaxial speaker. Or, if you chose, you can mount them separate like a traditional component. But regardless of how you install the tweeters, you're in for an great pair of car speakers.

Editor's Rating:

4.9 Stars

- 3 way 6.5" component system
- Frequency Range: 48 - 25k Hz
- Power handling (RMS): 75W

Price Comparison

JL Audio C5-653 Quick Review:

JL Audio’s C5 series 6 ½ inch component speakers have been on our top list for a while now. The latest C5-653 upholds its competitive performance and continues to prove to be a high performing, high quality set of speakers. I know what you’re thinking when you look at the price of this set. But it’s really worth it. The C5-653 is a 3-way system, which means they give you a separate pair of 4” midrange drivers along with the 6.5” woofer and ¾” tweeter. You’re actually getting 6 separate sets of speakers with this set! This is what gives this set it’s ability to create a defined, wide range of sound with incredible precision and quality.

A couple of the features that stood out to us in the C5 series speakers are it’s sophisticated crossover networks and their patented cooling technology that was developed for the ZR series speakers (also on our list). The C5 3-way crossovers offer a 4-position tweeter range level, as well as a 3-position midrange level so that you can precisely tune the frequencies that your mids and highs omit. There aren’t too many speakers on the market that come with such a wide range of crossover settings. And the cooling technology actually works. So if you plan on cranking these speakers for long periods of time, you can count on them to outlast a number of other speakers on the market. And as always with JL Audio products, quality is at the top of their priorities so you know you’re getting a high-end product.

Editor's Rating:

4.8 Stars

- 2 way 6.5" component system
- Frequency Range: 35 - 23k Hz
- Power handling (RMS): 100W

Price Comparison

Free shipping

Polk Audio DB6502 Quick Review:

Rich, clean, full-range - these are some of the terms that are describing Polk's DB6502 speakers across the web. Based on their predecessors, the DB6501 (who happened to be on our list prior), they come from a line of great performers. What really stands out, in our opinion, about this set is their versatility. Polk made them to perform well in all environments. Whether you own a Jeep and like to play in the mud with the top off, or if you have a daily driver that just needs a great upgrade to the OEM speakers. They're an excellent performing set speakers that are perfect for almost any use case. Did we mention that they're also water resistant too? With waterproof inner and outer surrounds, they have an IP55 rating making it dirt and water resistant. A polypropylene UV tolerant cone also makes it a great choice for outdoor use. We'd recommend these speakers for boats and cars alike. And for price tag, the DB6502 is by far the best value on our list.

Couple key features worth noting:

  • Water resistant - Marine IP55 certified
  • Polypropylene UV tolerant cone
  • Waterproof inner and outer sounds
  • Non corrosive plastic speaker grilles included

Editor's Rating:

4.7 Stars

- 2 way 6.5" component system
- Frequency Range: 35 - 21k Hz
- Power handling (RMS): 100W

Price Comparison

Free shipping

Kicker 43CSS654 Quick Review:

We couldn’t leave a list of the best car speakers without a set of Kickers! The Kicker 43CSS654 is a newer, better version of the 40CSS654. The CS series is one of the most popular choices of speakers on the market. Our team has installed and personally owned a number of CS series speakers over the years, and we can tell you that they’re dependable, heavy-duty, and loud. They have the volume, and they also have the detail and clarity that you need in a set of speakers. The 43CSS654 is priced incredibly well for what you get too.

A few of the key features that we love about the 43CSS654 includes the heavy duty moto/magnet structure with EVC (Extended Voice Coil), and it’s UV treated surrounds. The heavy duty magnet structure with EVC gives these speakers a great coverage of bass and the lower end frequencies. And the UV-treated surrounds makes it great for all environments and dependable. Another great choice!

Best Car Speakers: Common Speaker Terms & Ratings

When choosing the Best 6 1/2" Component Car Speakers, m-segment.ru takes several criteria into consideration. Lets define a few common criteria and terms that are used when rating a speaker:

Power Handling: Power handling is the measurement a manufacture gives to rate how much power a speaker can handle and operate at. It is given by two measurements, RMS and Peak (or MAX). RMS Power rating is the amount of power the speaker handles continuously. The Peak Power rating is the amount of power a speaker can handle in short bursts. When comparing speakers, RMS Power is the more relevant and important rating to look at.

Sensitivity: Speaker sensitivity rating is a measurement of the amount of sound the speaker will emit from the power it’s given. The higher the sensitivity, the more efficient the speaker is with the power it’s given. For lower powered systems, you want a higher sensitivity rating. For a higher powered system, you want a lower sensitivity rating. Lower sensitivity rated speakers are meant to handle higher power.

Frequency Range: Frequency range is the frequencies that the speaker emits sound at. It's typically measured in Hz. The ranges show from a low frequency to high, for example: 20 – 22,000 (22k) Hz. This measure how low and high the speaker can emit sound at.

Speaker Design and Materials

Woofer: The speaker woofer determines the responsiveness, and quality of the speaker. The stiffer and lightweight the material used, the more effective the speaker is. Polypropylene is a common material used for the cone. In addition, woven fabrics such as kevlar are used in higher quality speakers. Aluminum and titanium are also used in higher end speakers.

Woofer Surrounding: The woofer surround also is an important aspect of the speaker system. It can effect the sound as well. Durable, lightweight, and free moving materials are used to allow the woofer to move with as little energy possible. The material is essential for a long lasting speaker too. As speakers get older and used, humidity levels and wear-and-tear can crack and break the woofer surround. Rubber surrounding is typically the most long lasting an high performing. Foam an cloth surroundings are found on less expensive car speakers, with lower performance and shorter life spans.

Crossovers: When you purchase a component car speaker set, a crossover is typically a part of the package. External crossovers are typically used to lessen the amount of distortion a speaker has. They do this by separating the frequency inputs. Signals can cross through coated wiring and cause distortion. So an external crossover system will limit this.


Design, looks, ratings, quality, price and first-hand reviews are all elements to selecting a top notch speaker. But combining them all to find the perfect match for your car and music preference is the most difficult part. We've combined first-hand testing with industry wide reviews of speakers to find you the ultimate pair of components. You can rest assured that any of the speakers on our list will add new sound and meaning to your cars stereo.

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14 Comments to “ 8 Best 6.5″ Component Car Speaker Reviews of 2017”

  1. Shay says :Reply

    This may sound foolish, but alpine type-r didn’t make the list?

    1. Leroy says :Reply

      I know right?

  2. lileybiggs says :Reply

    I have Rainbow profi speakers throughout and if you strive for exceptional highs and Crystal clear detail for rock and classical music, choose Rainbow

  3. Al says :Reply

    Don’t waste you money on a new pair of speakers…. you get more mileage from a cheap pair of sneakers.

  4. Mike R says :Reply

    I was wondering why Morel wasn’t here either? Some of the best speakers I’ve heard. Hertz are great as well but the morel seem to not have the “forced” in your face sound they are more realistic hard to explain. Why no Morel??

    1. m-segment.ru says :Reply

      Hi Mike,

      Morel is a highly regarded brand for speakers, we agree. We actually have them rated very highly in another review list, Best High End 6.5″ Component Car Speakers. You can find this here: http://m-segment.ru/best-high-end-6-5-inch-component-car-speakers/. When we aggregate our lists of best products, we take price into consideration. Typically, Morel speakers are a bit higher in price, which is why we placed them on our other list. Hope this helps.

  5. Jerry Smith says :Reply

    Thank you for this article. I’ve tried HERTZ HSK 165XL in my car and it’s really great speaker and gave me an effective sound system in the car.

  6. Bill says :Reply

    I haveca set of mtx and was thinking of upgrading to a set of Focal 165KRX2 6.5″ Split Speakers are the hertz splits better orvworse compared tonthe focals

  7. daniel says :Reply

    Tengo un Morel Dotech y suena mejor que los JL audio de gama alta y que el Focal. Por qué no inclueron a Morel en sus pruebas?

  8. Sam says :Reply

    Hertz are really tough to beat. Never got a chance to play with any Morel gear, but I have always read good things about them. Dayton audio should be on the list too, they have some awesome sounding speakers esp for the price. Once i get my amplifier replacement settled with AudioSavings, Im going to try to do a custom 2 way build using raw drivers from dayton, peerless etc. Should be a fun project. BTW dont ever buy anything gear from AudioSavings either on ebay or direct. They have screwed me on so much gear. Always excuses and problems with there warehouse, or website. Never honor warranty and always make up bs about replacements. Be Aware. They have a house brand “Rockville Audio” which should be avoided at all cost. Total garbage.

    1. says :Reply

      We codul’ve done with that insight early on.

  9. Jimmy says :Reply

    At first i was going to go with focal now i think i will buy hertz165.any suggestions wich subwoofer would set them off and how strong of a amp i would need.thank you jimmy

    1. m-segment.ru says :Reply

      Hi Jimmy,

      How many are you planning on purchasing and powering with an amplifier?

  10. Abraham C says :Reply

    Why were the Morel Speakers not tested? I have heard they are at the top of the list when it comes to quality sounds.

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